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We take great pride in being a family farm and Wisconsin’s largest grower of the finest quality ginseng. Our family has been growing American ginseng in central Wisconsin, U.S.A., since 1978.

We grow only the best American ginseng, only in Wisconsin, using custom processes and equipment we have designed and fabricated ourselves. Out procedure includes preparing nutritious soil, harvesting the finest seeds from our own garden, planting with the best care, and process them with the highest standard procedure to ensure we preserve all the health benefits of Baumann Premium American Ginseng roots.

Our 63,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art processing facility helps ensure we continue to provide our customers with the finest American Wisconsin ginseng available anywhere.

Premium Level American Wisconsin Ginseng

100 % Pure American Wisconsin Ginseng

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2 boxes of Baumann Premium Ginseng Tea Bags and 2 bottles of 100% pure ginseng capsules. You can enjoy all the benefits of 100% pure American ginseng in the most convenient way possible!

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1 Bag of Baumann small ginseng slice, 1 box of Baumann Premium Ginseng Tea Bags, and 1 bottle of Baumann 100% pure ginseng capsules. The combination of Baumann’s favorite ginseng products to help you start a journey of healthy living!

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Ginseng Power Kit

2 boxes of Baumann Premium Ginseng Tea Bags and 1 bag of Baumann Premium sliced American ginseng. Whether cooking at home or taking it on the go, we got you covered!

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Buying Ginseng Bundle, Saving Big - Buy 3 bottles of 100% pure ginseng capsules and get 1 pack of Buamann ginseng tea bag for free .

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Buying Ginseng Bundle, Saving Big - Buy 1 pack of 100% pure ginseng root and get 1 pack of Buamann ginseng tea bag for free .

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Since 1978, we’ve had one mission: to grow and sell only the finest Wisconsin-grown American ginseng. We take great pride in being family farmers, and in being the largest grower of American ginseng in Wisconsin—and the United States.

Its perfect!

Perfect Perfect Perfect! This is a great product -- It's the raw root, great for cooking and tea! Plus, it is from Wisconsin, the ginseng capital of the United States. Fun fact: 95% of the ginseng harvested in the US, is from Wisconsin. Thanks Baumann for delivering a great product!!! Will buy again!

- Ihsan Moses

Tasty American Ginseng Tea

It’s very tasty American Ginseng tea. Each teabag can be brewed for several cups. It goes very well with honey. Since the box is the type of thin paper box commonly used in tea products, it got crammed and slightly broken up in the Amazon package. I’m okay with it but one will have to be careful if they ship it with something that may leak.

- Jill Igarashi

Great Quality

Great quality! I’ve been buying Ginseng roots for my family, and hesitated to try tea bags as other products we have tried had mixed powder or other ingredients that caused question on it won’t have the same full effect as the roots. But this tea bag has surprised us, taste slightly sweet and can tell inside tea bag is all mini ginseng pieces without other mixtures. Recommend if you are looking for a good quality product and an easy way to consume.

- Richard