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Recover From Physical Weakness With Ginseng

Do you work long hours and just want to go straight to bed when you get home? Is it hard to commit to a workout routine because you get so tired and out of breath even after only a few minutes on the stationary bike or treadmill? Are running, hiking, and other outdoor activities not your cup of tea because of how much energy they use up? Do you sometimes feel so exhausted even if you are not doing anything strenuous?

Feeling weak, low energy, or exhausted often can prevent you from doing and completing important tasks at work, school, or home. To fix this, you can try taking herbal supplements, specifically ginseng. With a long history in ancient Chinese and North American medicine, this small herb with its oval leaves and fleshy, fork-like roots is used to treat a wide range of health issues. Its use has spread all over the world and is one of the most popular herbal remedies today.

Different ginseng varieties

Did you know that there are several different varieties of ginseng? Because ginseng is known to be a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of people may think that it is the only variety of ginseng there is. The truth is there are many varieties of ginseng that exist.

Ginseng plants are classified under the genus Panax, which includes Asian ginseng, American ginseng, and South China ginseng. Among them all, Korean ginseng and American or Wisconsin ginseng are considered the two primary varieties.

Asian ginseng, which is also called Panax ginseng, Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng, or Japanese ginseng, is the original source of ginseng. It grows to a height of about 30 to 60 centimeters, produces 3 to 6 leaves, and has a fork-shaped root. It is native to the mountains of East Asia, particularly in Northeast China, the Korean Peninsula, and the Russian Far East.

American ginseng, which is also known as Wisconsin ginseng or Panax quinquefolius, is a ginseng variety that is native to North America. It grows to a height of about 15 to 46 centimeters, produces 3 leaves, and has fleshy roots that extend out like a fork. This is what we here at Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng cultivate to make our premium American ginseng capsules, tea bags, and other products. Since 1978, we have been cultivating more than 500 acres of authentic, Wisconsin-grown American ginseng at any given time.

The link between ginseng and energy levels

A lot of people start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. And, to keep their energy levels going throughout the day, they drink more. Thanks to caffeine, these boosts of energy, alertness, and concentration are possible. But did you know that ginseng can have the same effects?

Like coffee, ginseng has stimulating effects. It is added as an ingredient in some energy drinks to provide that short-term, sustainable energy boost. However, unlike coffee, ginseng does not make you addicted to it. It is not a habit-forming substance and does not cause your adrenal system to go into active mode. It is generally safe to take every day without experiencing negative side effects.

Ginseng as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition in which an individual experiences extreme fatigue for six months or more for some unknown reason. It gets worse if you increase your physical or mental activities but does not get better despite how much rest you get. Its common symptoms include being able to sleep but not feeling refreshed or energized upon waking, experiencing dizziness that gets worse if you move from one position to another (such as from lying in bed to sitting or standing), and having memory, concentration, and focus issues.

Whether caused by viral infections, immune system disorders, physical/emotional trauma, or hormonal imbalances, people with chronic fatigue syndrome may find relief by taking ginseng. In one study, more than half of the participants with chronic fatigue syndrome who took ginseng reported significant improvement in their fatigue. However, researchers say that more studies are needed to draw more solid conclusions about the efficacy of ginseng as a treatment for the condition.

Using ginseng to improve physical performance

Athletes and people who go to the gym regularly strive to be stronger and have better stamina, endurance, and other attributes as they do more workouts and training sessions. However, if they notice no improvements or even a decline, they might want to investigate taking ginseng.

According to certain research, ginseng may be able to help with their recovery by supporting the repair of the cells and tissues of their bodies. Because it is abundant in antioxidants and has two potent compounds, ginsenosides and gintonin, it may also protect against oxidative stress and ensure that your cells and tissues are in tip-top condition. In one study, a group of highly trained male athletes who took ginseng daily displayed improved recovery time, oxygen uptake, breathing capacity, vital capacity, and other performance measures. While these findings are indeed promising, more scientific evidence has to be collected to come to a solid conclusion.

Examples of ginseng products

Nowadays, ginseng comes in different forms. We at Baumann Wisconsin Ginseng use only homegrown and premium quality Wisconsin ginseng to make our ginseng products. We have American ginseng whole roots (long, medium, short, and assorted), American ginseng slices (small, medium, large, extra large, and assorted), American ginseng capsules, and American ginseng tea bags. You may also find ginseng in the form of:

  • Ginseng topicals – These include creams, lotions, ointments, and salves. Because ginseng is dubbed as a natural skin balancer, it can help improve blood circulation in the skin’s blood vessels, support the synthesis of collagen, retain skin elasticity, and delay the signs of aging.
  • Ginseng supplements – These include ginseng tablets, capsules, and pills. They usually come in plastic bottles containing 50, 75, 100, or more ginseng tablets, capsules, or pills in doses of 400 milligrams, 500 milligrams, or others.
  • Ginseng vape – Consuming ginseng through vaping can give you an instant invigorating feeling as its natural active compounds are directly introduced into your body. To vape ginseng, you will need a vaping device, such as a vape pen, and some ginseng vape juice.
  • Ginseng oil – Used in a variety of ways, ginseng oil is another ginseng product commonly found these days. It can be taken orally, used as an ingredient to make food and beverages, and applied topically.

Ginseng dosage

According to experts, taking 200 to 400 milligrams of ginseng daily for general maintenance and preventative purposes is fine. Therefore you usually find ginseng supplements, such as capsules, pills, and tablets, come in doses of 200 milligrams to 400 milligrams per piece. Consuming more is not recommended unless instructed by your doctor.

In general, taking ginseng is safe. However, there have been a few reports of some people experiencing negative side effects. Examples of such are insomnia, vomiting, nervousness, headaches, stomach upset, dizziness, and allergic reactions.

Furthermore, people who have health problems, specifically heart disease, high or low blood pressure, immune system disorders, mental disorders, and bleeding/clotting issues, are advised to consult a medical professional first before taking ginseng for their safety.