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Ginseng for Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Ginseng is an herbal remedy known to provide several health benefits. Its potential to lower blood sugar levels could make it an effective treatment for diabetics. Read on to find out how ginseng pills work to promote optimal health.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels rise when the body breaks down food. The body’s cells absorb the sugar in the food (glucose), store it in the bloodstream, and use it for energy. The cells rely on a hormone called insulin to carry out this process.

Diabetes occurs in people whose bodies don’t make enough insulin or cannot use insulin effectively. As a result, their cells become starved for energy. The amount of glucose in their system can rise to unhealthy levels which may eventually damage the kidneys, eyes, heart, or nerves.

Can Ginseng Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Some research shows that ginseng may help reduce diabetes symptoms by increasing glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.

Ginseng is rich in ginsenosides, a type of natural medicine found in the roots, leaves, and berries of the plant. Ginsenosides have been shown to stabilize insulin and glucose levels by regulating the glucagon hormone. This may be effective in delaying or improving diabetes symptoms and complications.

Here are some of the benefits ginseng may provide:

  • Regulate Insulin Secretion: Research suggests that ginsenosides may help the pancreas regulate the amount of insulin it secretes. This could be beneficial to glycemic maintenance and the reduction of blood sugar levels.
  • Aids with Glucose Uptake: Ginsenosides may aid the body with transporting glucose into cells so it doesn’t build up in the bloodstream. This process may help blood glucose stay within a healthy range.
  • Reduces Inflammation: The compounds in ginseng can lower insulin resistance, which leads to inflammation. Diabetes is an inflammation-related condition. Using ginseng caps or other supplements could prevent complications.
  • Fight Free Radicals: When diabetes is not treated, free radicals build up in the body damaging cells and increasing the risk of disease. Ginseng pills and other ginseng products are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce complications.

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