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Ginseng: A Non-Negligible Natural Remedy For Healthy Aging

The use of ginseng as a health supplement has been going on for several centuries now. Particularly in Chinese culture, it is a traditional cure for many health problems. Today, it is known for its health-boosting capabilities in other parts of the world too, and is available in different forms, including ginseng extracts, ginseng juices and teas, ginseng capsules, ginseng tablets, and ginseng creams.

One of the often cited benefits of ginseng is its anti-aging properties. Is it true? Can ginseng reverse or at least slowdown aging? To help you decide whether or not to buy ginseng capsules or ginseng tablets for your consumption, read further for some key information.

What benefits can the elderly and even young people who want to slow down the signs of aging get from ginseng?

Ginseng is a type of plant that is short in stature, grows slowly, and has green leaves and a long stalk. Probably its most distinctive feature is its root, which is light-colored and extends outward like a fork. Commonly cultivated in Asia and some parts of North America, its two most famous varieties are Asian ginseng and American ginseng, both of which may help improve health and wellbeing.

According to a study, ginseng contains active compounds that have neuroprotective properties. Called ginsenosides, these are said to act like nervous system regenerators and promote healthy aging. Thus, some believe that ginseng may be effective in:

Slowing down the signs of aging – The earliest and most noticeable signs of getting old, wrinkles can start appearing around your eyes, mouth, and forehead once you are in your 30s. According to some research, ginseng may boost moisture in the skin and inhibit the appearance of wrinkles.

Support collagen production – Humans start losing collagen in their 20s and 30s but the effects only manifest later. With ginseng’s vitamin B12 and vitamin D contents, you may improve blood and oxygen circulation in your body and promote collagen production for better skin elasticity.

Reduce puffiness - Puffiness is when you experience swelling in the face, bloating, or inflammation, often as a result of fluid build-up. According to a study, taking ginseng may enhance circulation, allowing blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients to flow to and reach different parts of your body.

Improve skin complexion – People with certain skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation or discoloration, have abnormal melanin levels and may want to lighten or brighten their skin. According to a recent study, ginseng contains compounds that may help whiten the skin.